Philippe Cedelle

Full-stack web engineer with leadership skills and
5+ years of experience.

With a broad awareness of web technologies, their pros, cons & caveats,
I help creative teams achieve viable designs, I break down projects & choose suitable technical stacks to go from design to production.

Specific skills include :

  • 2+ years experience managing small technical teams.
  • Ability to breakdown projects into tasks with realistic timeframes for completion.
  • Well-trained to communicate technical subjects to non-technical audiences.
  • Deep knowledge of server-side architectures and object-oriented patterns.
  • Expert knowledge of LAMP/LEMP/LEPP stacks specifically.
  • Expertise in javascript & front-end development
  • Full proficiency in Debian sys. admin.
  • Assessing a project to know what is feasible, in how much time and within a specific budget.
  • Additional knowledge includes : Backbone.js, Express, Angular, Laravel, Wordpress, Drupal, Vagrant, MongoDB, scripting (ruby/python), advanced git workflows...